Every American deserves access to equitable and effective communication.

Accuracy and quality are not negotiable.

All Americans deserve equitable and effective access to accurate information.

Whether exploring online resources, reviewing health records, attending a telehealth appointment, understanding announcements on the plane or in a grocery store, or relying on safety alerting devices, clear access to information and communication is a fundamental right.

In 2019, more than 30 disability advocacy groups and Veterans Service Organizations formed an alliance. Known nationwide as the Clear2Connect Coalition, this unique and unified force urges policymakers to advance rigorous, standards-based policies that support access to information and communication for all Americans.

Person with laptop open on their lap with a telehealth doctor appointment being displayed


We exchange information using many devices, tools, platforms, and services. These options, also known as Information and Communications Technologies (ICT), must be accessible—especially when it comes to health and safety.

Woman speaks with veteran


We cannot use information unless it is equitably and effectively accessible. The Clear2Connect Coalition has made significant strides to advance the accuracy, and quality of health and safety resources and communication channels.

Man uses American Sign Language to communicate on video call


We communicate to form connections, share ideas, and engage in our communities. Clear2Connect needs your support to raise awareness about the importance of equitable, effective, and meaningful access to communication. 

The Clear2Connect Coalition